Brian Dowd has been called “The People Mechanic” since an Aboriginal Elder made the suggestion after watching him at work with a group of strangers.

"(The Elder) said, 'You bring us to a location, you put us up on the hoist that we call our life, we open up our emotional hood, you look inside and you source where the damaged part of our journey is, or what needs to be fixed, and you give us the tools to do that'."

Brian's unique design process and tools has derived successful outcomes across groups of people from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Brian Dowd, “The People Mechanic”, has been catching broken individuals after they have fallen, and carefully placed them back onto their feet for the past 13 years. His work has received many awards.

Brian brings to his work the deep learning's from his own life experience and his arduous path to recovery after reaching rock bottom in his early 20's following significant life challenges and a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol that eventually found him trying to take his own life in suburban Newcastle. "I got to the point where I just thought 'I'm a failure'," Brian says. "I failed everything that I'd wanted to do and I thought my time was over." "It was the lowest point in my life, my spirit was broken."

The unique design and structure of Brian's personal experience sharing and many years of research among the multitude of services, programs, tools and activities for self-care, resilience and mental health recovery to find the core elements that actually deliver long-term change for all people. 

If anyone knows the feeling of being down and out and forgotten about by others it is Brian Dowd. This has been the determining factor which has driven Brian Dowd to get back up, dust himself off and remind everyone that he comes into contact with, that he is alive and well and not just surviving but thriving!


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