I have completed several personal development courses & I am a trained counsellor.

Brian's workshop has shown me how to look at personal change through different eyes.

He is unique & gifted.

Thank you


3 Days ago I walked into this workshop with a closed mind & low expectations. In fact, I took that same approach to almost all aspects of my life. But today I can sincerely say that my life has been changed. Ive always measured my happiness against the misfortunes of others, for example i'd feel I had no right to want more from myself when there are people in the world with so little. But Brian & his teachings have shown me that I can't be the type of man I want to be for my clients, for my partner & for my family if Im not that man for myself first.

Today I walk away with a new outlook on life & a set of goals I can truly be proud of. I wouldn't consider myself a spiritual person but something undefinable happened to me today that can't be put into words or explained by logic & without this workshop i'd remain naive to the barriers Ive created in my own life. I may never cross paths with Brian Dowd again & I may never be able to put into words the experience I've had, but I truly want to thank him for having such an influential impact on the person I am & the man I know I will soon be.

I will never forget TPM.


Thank you Brian for an opportunity to take time to sit and have a real look at me and my journey.

Thankyou for creating a safe place and the support to allow me to share my stories, thoughts and feelings.

This workshop has really touched me, and you are truly inspiring.


Best Workshop Ever !!

Emotional & draining to start but the long term benefits will outlast a couple of draining days.

I feel uplifted and energised now that it has come to an end.

I now have the tools to move forward in my life.

Thank you so much.


As a Koori man I love to see Koori people standing up and leading the way in their chosen field. Brian uses his own adversity and previous failings to show others there is hope to battle through the dark times and come out the other side. The wisdom and strength of our ancestors should be shared with not only Kooris but all people for it is wisdom gained from the beginning of time and is shared with indigenous cultures throughout this world.


What a life changing experience. The tools utilised in the workshop I will continue to refer back to and use to stay on track to keep developing not only in my personal life but in my career. I never had myself at the centre, I always put others ahead of me. I learnt though by having me at the centre not only do I benefit and become a better version of me, all those I come in contact with will benefit. From this I will be a well rounded role model for my family, children and grandchildren.

I can achieve great things.


I found Brian's honesty and inclusion of all in the group supportive and refreshing.

No pretence No judgement.

I most certainly feel lighter for the experience.

Thank you Brian.


I entered training hopeful and excited and finished feeling like I finally understood my journey. What I loved most was the honouring / acknowledging of my past and how now I feel there is a shared spirit with me as I continue my journey. I have always felt disconnected but knew i have the strength to face any challenge but now I feel connected to something.

Unexplainable but life changing.

Thank you 


In my personal life I have struggled for future direction which was clear and easy to follow, this has given me the tools I need to finally move forward with my life.

Thank you for the way you greeted us everyday putting me at ease, thank you for getting everyone to share their stories and participate in activities. Personally I have learnt so much which will help me grow as a person both personally and professionally.

Thank you for turning my grey skies back to blue again, a good blue, happy blue.


Trying to put into words what this training has done for me is difficult. I feel that I have been given a chance to stop think and learn about what I have been doing. I have buried stuff because that was what I thought I needed to do to get through. During the 3 days I realised that some of the things I was doing was a result of burying unresolved issues. I became overly concerned with others, fearful, overwhelmed and terrified of the future. Thank you for giving me such simple tools to "see" for the 1st time what I need to do, What i can do. I have a lot of work to do but for the first time I don't feel afraid of it biting me.

Do yourself a favour -  If you get the chance do this course.

I guarantee it will change your life, will help you set yourself free.


At the beginning I felt nervous, I felt shy, I felt anxious, I felt closed and I felt scared.

Now I feel strong, more at peace and looking forward to the future.

Thank you Brian for sharing your wisdom and experiences. My journey begins now with a new chapter to find myself and live my dreams, to explore love of myself and the important ones around me.

I know there will be obstacles but that makes the journey more interesting and I am empowered to soldier on and on.



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