This powerful 3-day, experiential workshop guides individuals through their own journey of self-discovery and strength building using a framework of tools and processes led by gifted guide and trauma recovery coach, Brian Dowd. After 13 years in the Self Help Industry, Brian Dowd has created a set of tools in a workbook format and facilitates experiential learning by incorporating stories and visual prompting.

Benefits for Employees and Employers include:

* Helps employees improve their emotional health and wellbeing which in turn supports a safe and healthy workplace culture.

* Gives employees the tools to bounce back from adversity and function better under pressure which supports productivity.

* Provides employees with a practical toolkit to reinforce their resilience and self care which in turn supports a safe and healthy workplace and productivity.

* Helps employees develop and maintain constructive personal plans and goals for home and work.

* Improves self-knowledge and provides tools to build coping strategies to deal with life's adversities and challenges.

* Provides a common language and tools for self care and resilience amongst participants from the same organisation or team which fosters a supportive workplace culture and peer support.


This exciting and unique service will enable those individuals who are affected directly or indirectly by lifes Traumatic and sometimes debilitating events, to step by step rebuild hope back into their lives. By doing this those attending will rebuild personal acceptance levels, create emotional understanding mechanisms, and maintain ownership across all areas of life.

Benefits for Individuals include:

* Removal of negative repetitious behaviours through redeveloped emotional structures.

*Development of life balance through new found confidence building systems.

* Maintaining the ability to action personal and professional tasks by adopting healthy routine.

* Owning your journey forward by sustaining and maintaining you own self worth.


This brand new service to the Newcastle area, allows individuals the ability to secure a one on one appointment with Brian Dowd The People Mechanic, in a safe, friendly and confidential space. During this up close and personal session, individuals will be able to create a relationship built on trust, respect and honesty.

Benefits for those attending include:

* One on one emotional support.

* Confidential, safe, friendly and neutral space. 

* Gives individuals the opportunity to work through all problem areas being personal or professional with Brian's unique life tools on a session by session basis.

* Positive support for team members social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

* Culturally appropriate.

* ESS will provide a no nonsense approach to engage and disable life's personal individual blockages, and enable a fresh flow of freedom to take its place.


Brian Dowd has been wowing audiences for the past 13 years, so why not allow Brian to wow yours today. Brian's unique gift to engage, embrace and connect with strangers is enabling like minded businesses and services out there the ability to tap into the extra motivation, resilience and self care needed for your team to be the best they can be and the best that they have ever been.


* Increased motivation levels.

* Confidence levels enhanced.

* Workplace resilience development.

* Reduction in "Lateral Violence" participation levels.

* Reduced sick leave due to workplace toxicity.

* Reduced stress leave activity by implementation of quality coping mechanisms.

* Creation of workplace, life and leisure routine, structure and balance. 


Are you a Carer for a family member, Support Service or Government Agency who is stressed out, burnt out and ready to flip out ? If you answered yes then this service is for you.

Come along and allow us to;

* Remove your unwanted stress

* Reorganise your hidden mess

* Deactivate burn out

* Reactivate self-care

* Listen to your concerns


* One on one emotional support.

* Confidential, safe, friendly and neutral space.

* Carers are given the opportunity to work through all problem areas with Brian's unique life tools on a session by session basis.

* Positive support for carers providing an important flow-on effect to children in care and the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the family unit.

* Culturally appropriate.

* Carers will be introduced to transferrable life tools that can be easily adopted at home, making them feel more in control and prepared as a carer.


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