Champion effort gets Kelly a new start

17-Sep-2012 ALBERT KELLY has revealed his cousin, Titans star Beau Champion, played a crucial role in helping him secure a lifeline at the Gold Coast.

Kelly will join the club on a part-time trial basis during the off-season, with an opportunity to earn a full-time contract if he impresses. The opportunity came after Champion  "We're related down the line there somewhere," said Kelly  spoke to coach John Cartwright about adding the 21-year-old to the squad.

"I gave [Champion] a call and we had a yarn about it, he was going to put in a good word for me. Something has come out of it," Kelly told The Sun-Herald. "We're from the same town, I don't know how far back we go. I'm looking forward to it. I'm very excited about the move and starting over again."

Kelly has shown glimpses of his potential in brief stints at Parramatta, Cronulla and Newcastle. However, off-field misdemeanours have limited him to only 14 NRL games at the Sharks.

But the recent birth of daughter Brida-Lee and the guidance of mentor Brian Dowd of Black on Track now has him primed to finally fulfil his undoubted potential.

"My family, having a little girl now," Kelly said when asked why he will succeed on the holiday strip.

"Probably training hard, putting the past behind me and looking forward to getting onto the paddock and playing a whole season.

"A new start and it's refreshing to start at a new club at the right time.


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