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Brian Dowd


If you look into the Distance, you will see a more and more familiar sight on the horizon.

Brian Dowd is walking into your community, your state with little fuss but with an enormous and ever growing reputation of getting the job done.

Whether it be through a cloud of dust, or through driving rain the Brian Dowds philosophies and grass roots approach is making its mark where ever he is needed across Australia.

What started off for Brian 14 years ago as a cry for help, has now grown to a Nationally and Internationally recognised movement with the determination to make a real difference by injecting himself into the veins of a weary spirits and needy individuals.

Brian Dowd has talked the talk for the past 10 years and is now walking the walk with a truly remarkable journey which is Touching the hearts of every individual that he meets.

With a healing from the inside out, and not from the outside in approach, Brian has discovered a recipe for success. Brian Dowd and his unique tools of engagement is winning over and is turning skeptics from thinking " Ah not another self proclaimed Self Help Guru" to supporters stating that " Brian Dowd is a miracle worker and everybody should attend his sessions all over Australia".

Brian Dowd has created a self healing and self motivating process which uses clever tools and life experiences to open the doors of pain for individuals to walk through confidently, whilst being supported and encouraged on an ongoing basis.

Brian developed his tools to save his life and it has, now he is assisting humankind to do the same.