Brian Dowd

Our History

Over the past 10 years Brian Dowd has gone from being a relatively unknown on the self help and motivational stage to quickly becoming the go to man in the world of Cleansing, Healing and Self Help Practices. Brian's ability to help other people to help themselves have earned him the tag of being known by his ever growing followers as "The people mechanic", " The People Whisperer" and "The Spiritual Healer". Drawing energy and universal knowledge from the oldest continual race known to mankind (Aboriginal Culture), Brian has been able to streamline Cleansing and Healing practices once considered lost from over 80,000,00 years ago and re- introduce it to the world in and easy to accept, understand and a step by step application model for all people from all walks of life to utilise.

Emerging from dark beginnings Brian Dowd has battled through the school of hard knocks, from educational failure, sporting failure, relationship failure, bankruptcy, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, anti social behaviour and suicide attempts. With the philosophy of "Your life is your first job and anything after that is your part time pleasure", Brian has put the meaning back into helping yourself before helping anyone else.

Brian has not only helped himself on the way to the top of his life's journey he has individually helped thousands to pick themselves up of the dirt floor that hey call their existence and give them the toold to clean, heal un program re program and apply it to their every day lives.

Brian Dowd has created a vision to assist all individuals to identify, accept and self heal by taking responsibility for their life choices and becoming empowered in the acknowledgement of their own self worth.

In doing so realising that:

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The biggest investment in life, is yourself!