Brian Dowd The People Mechanic

Resilience & Self Care Specialist

Trauma & Recovery Guide

Supporting every day Australians in the creation of a safe, healthy and productive life journey by building personal and professional resilience and self care.

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Brian Dowd The People Mechanic.

Emerging from dark beginnings Brian Dowd has battled through the school of hard knocks, from educational failure, sporting failure, relationship failure, bankruptcy, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, anti social behaviour and suicide attempts. With the philosophy of "Your life is your first job and anything after that is your part time pleasure", Brian has put the meaning back into helping yourself before helping anyone else.

Brian is married to Shellie and has 2 children.


External Spiritual Supervision  ESS

This brand new service to the Newcastle area, allows individuals the ability to secure a one on one appointment with Brian Dowd The People Mechanic, in a safe, friendly and confidential space. During this up close and personal session, individuals will be able to create a relationship built on trust, respect and honesty.


Resilience & Self Care   RSC

This powerful 3-day, experiential workshop guides individuals through their own journey of self-discovery and strength building using a framework of tools and processes led by gifted guide and trauma recovery coach, Brian Dowd. After 13 years in the Self Help Industry, Brian Dowd has created a set of tools in a workbook format and facilitates experiential learning by incorporating stories and visual prompting.


Trauma & Recovery  TR

This exciting and unique service will enable those individuals who are affected directly or indirectly by lifes Traumatic and sometimes debilitating events, to step by step rebuild hope back into their lives. By doing this those attending will rebuild personal acceptance levels, create emotional understanding mechanisms, and maintain ownership across all areas of life.


Caring for carers support service

Are you a Carer for a family member, Support Service or Government Agency who is stressed out, burnt out and ready to flip out ? If you answered yes then this service is for you. Come along and allow us to;
Remove your unwanted stress, reorganize your hidden mess, deactivate burn out, reactivate self-care and listen to your concerns.

Inspirational Quotes

Waking up each day....

on 06-Mar-2015 by Brian Dowd

Waking up each day may not come gift wrapped, it may not have any ribbons or bows attached and it never has a card from its sender... But it is a true gift from the creators above, who wrap it every day for you with their love, tie it everyday with their ribbon of hope and present it to you each day as the ultimate gift of life, so please use your gift that you have received today, and don't abuse your gift or throw it away! - BDTPM

Recent Interview on NITV

His ancestors protected him from taking his life when he was a young man, now at 43, The People's Mechanic is repaying the favour.

Standing on a shed in suburban Newcastle, lowering a noose over his neck at the age of 27, Brian Dowd went to that dark place so many people never come back from. Just as Brian was about to pull that noose tight, his mother called his phone. That phone call would save his life. As he explains it years later: "At 27 I was probably too young to leave this world. I'm just so glad the ancestors dealt me a really strong card that day, and protected me and kept me safe that day, and I've been trying to repay the favour ever since."